Resistance Loops (Theraband)


This is an authentic TheraBand 3-inch wide continuous loop elastic band. Colours and resistances and the same as in the Theraband System of Progressive Resistance aiming to improve strength & flexibility in glutes, knees and hips. Ideal for a variety of exercises, particularly for the lower body to increase strength & balance. The continuous loop provides a comfortable alternative to tying flat Resistance Bands into loops. Rehabilitate muscles and increase flexibility through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength & improve motion.


Resistance Loops (Theraband)

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Four colour-coded resistance levels:

  • Yellow: 1-2 kg is the first of four resistance levels and best for rehabilitation and those beginning an exercise program
  • Red: 1.5-2.5 kg is the second of four resistance levels and best for rehabilitation and for light resistance training
  • Green: 2-3 kg is the third of four resistance levels and great for rehabilitation and heavier resistance training
  • Blue: 3-4kg is the the fourth of four resistance levels, and great for upper and lower body exercises to increase strength and balance
Resistance Level

Yellow/Light, Red/Medium, Green/Heavy, Blue/Extra Heavy